When it comes to blog, grid view is a great way to show your blog posts in a page. Of course there is normal blog list supported in this template too which you may find it in its own page. So here we are only talking about grid layout.

Don’t ignore loose caulk!

Did you know that a soft shower walls many times the cause could be because of losing caulking? …   …Yes, the problem usually is not a plumbing leak. Don’t get us wrong! However, the cause usually results from a[...]

When to pressure wash?

Pressure/Power washing your home, driveways, walkways and sidewalks can get very slick… when it comes to remove all the buildup of dirt, grime, dust, more than anything else. When it comes time to pressure wash, you can either have a[...]

Garbage disposal not working or leaking problems…

You work all day gets home and still have to deal with your kid’s homework, cooking meal for the family, laundry etc. … Suddenly you find out that your garbage disposal is not working, and even worse, is leaking this[...]